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» » Ikh Taiga-Liver supplement, ref. FOO-18-01-005

Ikh Taiga-Liver supplement, ref. FOO-18-01-005

Reference -FOO-18-01-005
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liver supplement-dried organic food including 30 package with 20 grams

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The therapeutic advantageous product has the main ingredients of curd "Elegnii khaan"  made from yak curdling milk which has higher content than other nutritive supplement products.The product has higher content of carbohydrate amylum or complex carbohydrate found chiefly in seeds, fruits, tubers,roots and stem feet of plants, therefore it reduces protein dissociation and prevents from protein shortage.

The liver supplement is used

-Detoxyfication, intencification of bilesecretion

-To prevent, support liver,to eliminate toxicant substances from liver, to increase albumin amount in tissues

-To neutralize,the cancer growth

-To balance the proper ratio of protein, fat,carbon in human tissues

-The daily dietary nutritive, hich quality, tasty supplement rich with vitamins and other minerals

Directions for use: open 1 packet and to put into cup, add 200 ml hot boiled water stay for 3-5 minutes.

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