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Welcome in our e-shop of products from Mongolia

The best choice of "Made in Mongolia" products from the steppes to your door !

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We are proud to introduce to you these quality items since 15 years and make you discover the rich mongolian culture and traditions.

On these pages, we offer an electronic marketplace to the best makers and producers of Mongolia to promote theirs skills and works abroad. Most of them are local individuals or small producers with whom we establish fair agreements and long-term relations to support their development, and help in the preservation of some unique know-how.

Fidelity program
 Our fidelity program
Earn up to 150 Euros* in vouchers !

You do us a great favour by purchasing from our shop and we wish to reward your trust and loyalty through this gift... Read more
Mongolian cashmere goats
Cashmere of Mongolia
 Mongolian Cashmere
We are proud to offer in our shop a wide variety of garments and accessories made of 100% pure Mongolian cashmere, the world’s most luxurious and... Read more
Travel in Mongolia with e-Mongol
Travel in Mongolia with e-Mongol
Come and discover Mongolia with us: we are specialists in the organization of individual tailor-made trips in Mongolia Read more
Mongolian camels in winter
Camels and Camel wool
 Mongolian camels and camel wool 

We are proud to offer in our shop a wide selection of garments and blankets made of 100% pure camel wool, obtained from the two-humped Bactrian camels... Read more
Frequently asked questions e-Mongol shop
Frequently Asked Questions
  Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based and from who do you shipped the orders ?
Our general office and warehouse is based in the center of... Read more