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Cashmere of Mongolia

Mongolian cashmere goats

 Mongolian Cashmere


We are proud to offer in our shop a wide variety of garments and accessories made of 100% pure Mongolian cashmere, the world’s most luxurious and exclusive natural fiber. 

Mongolia is the world’s second largest producer of cashmere accounting for over 30 percent of world supply.  

Most of the production of natural fiber is exported mainly to China but also India and Nepal.


The world’s finest cashmere is produced by rare cashmere goats bred on the high, dry and cool mountainous plateaus of western and southwestern Mongolia. To survive in this rigorous climate, goats develop beneath their coarse outer hair a layer of downy, fine and soft fiber that is what is called cashmere. The colder and crispier the air is the more resilient the goats become and the warmer and fluffier the layer grows to be to insulate the animals from the bitter cold and strong winds. That is why Mongolian cashmere is famous and known worldwide for its exceptional warmth, softness, lightness and, at the same time, durability.




Cashmere goats in the cold steppes  (Bayantsagaan - February 2007) 


Cashmere goats provide a source of living for Mongolia’s nomadic households who depend on goat herding for most part of their income. 

It takes four-five years for a goat to grow enough cashmere for a sweater. 

Therefore, transforming cashmere fibers into final products is a sophisticated process requiring extraordinary time and skill. 

Cashmere fibers are collected by combing the animal by hand during the spring molting season. 

Then, cashmere undergoes other stages of processing such as sorting, scouring, dehairing, spinning, weaving or knitting before it becomes a gorgeous sweater or jacket that you will enjoy for many years.

Owing to the finite number of goats, cashmere supplies are very limited. Due to the scarcity of cashmere and its inherent properties being slender, elastic, glossy and tensile, it is regarded as an “up-market” material and is used in the textile industry as a luxury fiber. 

Finished cashmere products provide the warmest insulating qualities while also being the softest to the touch of any other natural or man-made fiber. 

Therefore, we are proud to offer you an electronic marketplace for these incredibly soft, warm and deluxe products so that you can indulge in the pleasures of cashmere at the click of a button. We welcome you to browse through our cashmere selection that will appeal to the most discerning buyer. 

The items on these pages are produced by the most important mongolian cashmere companies which offers fully integrated production – from raw cashmere processing to finished product – and possesses modern weaving and sewing technology as well as strict quality control. 

We also work with smaller producers and we can also supply items not currently displayed on the e-shop, or wholesale cashmere based on desired design. 

Please contact us for any specific requests at

Most of cashmere products require dry cleaning or hand washing with use of soft detergent and flat drying. 

Cashmere blankets are for dry clean only.