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Traditional boots, ref. GAR-11-03-008

260.00 €

Women's hat, ref. GAR-08-02-019

35.00 €

"Contortion" Wonder of Mongolian arts, ref. MUS-08-01-013

25.00 €

Cashmere Socks, ref. CAS-13-04-003

23.00 €

Men's jacket with pockets, ref. CAM-11-10-003

55.00 €

Cashmere blanket, ref. CAS-13-07-001

795.00 €

"Mongolian Long Songs", ref. MUS-08-01-051

25.00 €

The case of Morin Khuur, ref. MUS-11-02-009

45.00 €

"Wind of the sky", ref. MUS-08-01-044

25.00 €

Khuuchir, ref. MUS-08-02-004

200.00 €

Mongolian folk music band. "Gerege", ref. MUS-08-01-035

25.00 €

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» Mongolian yack wool

Mongolian Yack wool

We select for you the best updated choice from the yack wool producers of Mongolia, made of 100% pure Mongolian yack wool, exclusive natural fiber. 

Yaxk wool is soft, light and very warm.

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Yak wool blanket, ref. YAK-13-00-001   Yak wool blanket, ref. YAK-13-00-001
An unbelievably soft, luxurious, lightweight and warm blanket
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295.00 €
Yak wool socks, ref. YAK-13-00-001   Yak wool socks, ref. YAK-13-00-001
Socks made of yak wool
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15.00 €
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01.Yak wool socks, ref. YAK-13-00-001
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