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» » "la voix du tsuur", ref. MUS-18-01-093

"la voix du tsuur", ref. MUS-18-01-093

Référence - MUS-18-01-093
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L'histoire et la méthodologie du DVD tsuur par Santaro Mikhail Magarsarjav tsuur master

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Tsuur "Khoomii" flute exists since the emergence of man. It was used in hunting to call and appease game, in battle to signal attack and retreat, in prayer to placate the sky, earth and sea delties. It is used in musical intervals to accompany the relating of epic poems as Mongolian Jangar and Tibetan Geser. Today it is an alluring and powerful sound heard on the steppes as well as on concert stages. Tsuur is included in the treasures of UNESCO World Heritage as a Mongolian Heritage.

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