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Review of Andrew H on Mongolian Bow and arrows (men's size), ref. HAN-08-01-081

Mongolian Bow and arrows (men's size), ref. HAN-08-01-081 Mongolian Bow and arrows (men's size), ref. HAN-08-01-081
- Review added the Monday 15 April 2013by Andrew H

My bow arrived in Australia a little over 2 weeks after I ordered it. I'm a serious traditional archer and I own quite a few bows, and this one has a real presence and personality and is a great addition to my collection. Overall I'm very glad that I purchased it.I've found the guys to be really great at getting back to me, however shop-e-mongol are resellers of these bows and can't really answer all technical questions about the bows. My bow turned out to be 64# @ 28" (or 70# at 30"). It is smooth to draw but there is some hand shock possibly due to the weight in the siyahs. It isn't particularly fast, my 43# grozer turkish outperforms it but it feels like artillery - ie capable of taking a much larger diameter shaft with little drop off in performance. The horn, sinew and birch bark and the trademark mongol bow bridges are just beautiful. Re shipping, while you get a tracking number it was not at all useful as tracking services said "product cannot be tracked". However it arrived in good time and unlike the other reviewer it didn't arrive strung. (Thankfully). The only other point is that, as mentioned, shop-e-mongol resells these bows and it's actually possible to find the bow maker if you look hard enough. There are pros and cons to this. Shop-e-mongol's sales process is very smooth and when you're dealing with a company on the other side of the world smooth can be worth paying more for.