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Our Philosophy

 Our Philosophy


e-Mongol team in Ulaanbaatar office (March 09)

Front row from left to right: 
Tsetsegmaa (accountant), Zorigoo (driver), Ouynbileg (guide/office assistant), Baatar (driver)
Back row from left to right: 
Zaya (shop assistant), Batdulam (shop assistant), Tulgaa (shop manager), Ariunaa (guide), Ganaa (travel manager), Hishgee (shop assistant), Otgoo (travel assistant), Byamba (director)

Through our activities in Mongolia and on Internet, we aim to contribute in the discovery, the knowledge and the preservation of the culture and the nature of Mongolia.

Thanks to the opening on the world that we were given with our Web site, we offer the possibility to craftsmen and to manufacturers of Mongolia to make known their talents abroad. 

We select them on their reputation and the quality of their work, and also on the care which they take to use the traditional techniques and materials and to not impact the environment in their activities.

Many are individual artists or craftsmen, or small family structures the majority held by women. We offer to them a price at least equal to the market price, and we take care to offer their products at a fair price also for the purchaser in order to develop the sales and to ensure them a regular income.

We also seek to support local associations of handcraft that have to goal to support underprivileged people or environmental protection, in helping them materially and by selling their products without benefitting from these sales.

The great majority of the articles sold on this site are hand made from natural materials and of traditional techniques. They are brand new articles, with rare exceptions which are mentioned.

We do not sell antiques because we prefer to see the Mongolian patrimony remaining in the country.

For our greater happiness, the majority of our customers are lovers and experts of Mongolia which make us the honor to trust us to forward to their door the items of their dream. Their satisfaction is our best reward, and their comments are always appreciated by our manufacturers.