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» » "Mongolian Altai Tsuur", ref. MUS-18-01-094

"Mongolian Altai Tsuur", ref. MUS-18-01-094

Reference -MUS-18-01-094
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Mongolian altai tsuur from the wolf of the plain to the vulture in the air

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Hard wooden  tsuur: Essence and Manifestation / solos by Tsuurch player Santaro Magsarjav

1. The soaring eagle

2. The preying hawk

3. The bitter steppe (shaman tsuur & block)

4. Uriankhai natural sound traditions

5. Long songs, voicing & single wording

6. Meditations on the long tsuur

7. Mongolia and on to India (version 1)

8. Mongolia and on to India (version 2)

9. Burial music

10. Sutra & Tsuur

11. Echoing meadows of mongolia

12. Biyelgee drawling and stomping dance

13. Weeping camel

14. Trotting camel (origin legend of the Tsuur)

15. Eeven River (Sourse of tsuur & Khoomii)

16. The blue wolf

Wind mounted melodies

1. Horse and Crane

2. Spirits Roaming

3. Attila's Horse 



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