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\"Mongol Khoomii\", ref. MUS-18-01-009
"Mongol Khoomii", ref. MUS-18-01-009

20.00 €

Men\'s jacket with pockets, ref. CAM-18-10-001
Men's jacket with pockets, ref. CAM-18-10-001

43.00 €

Cashmere blanket, ref. CAS-13-07-001
Cashmere blanket, ref. CAS-13-07-001

795.00 €

The case of Morin Khuur, ref. MUS-18-02-016
The case of Morin Khuur, ref. MUS-18-02-016

45.00 €

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» Mongolian clothing
Mongolian clothing
 Mongol garments 

The Mongolian national garments and the dress code embody the way of life in the Land of Blue Skies. Mongolian clothes suit the many different occasions of nomadic life: be it horse riding, staying for overnight in the steppes or parading during national celebrations. For this reason, they have a simple and comfortable cut and, generally, a loose fit for easy wearing. 

Mongolian national dress displays a variety of styles, designs, fabrics, colors and ornaments depending on the age, marital status, nationality and climate. As the nickname of the country implies, the favorite color in Mongolian clothes is blue in its different variations. The costumes of elderly people are made of modest and plain fabric while young people wear brighter colors. The attire of married women has more decorations than that of girls. Men’s clothes have more conservative colors, patterns and trimmings than women’s costumes. 

The fabrics used in Mongolian clothing such as silk, brocade, satin and velour reveal a connection of the Mongolian culture with other oriental cultures. Due to harsh nature, the lining for the winter dress consists of sheepskin, goatskin, or fur of wolves, lynxes, foxes, and sables. 

Patterns, trimmings and colors of Mongolian dress have a lot of symbolism. They symbolizes the human qualities essential for living in the steppes such as simplicity, strength, prosperity, longevity, happiness and family values or represent Nature: sun or moon. 

You will find below definitions and meanings of different garments and patterns that will help you browse through the collection in an informed way.

Deel is a long traditional outer dress with a high collar and an open asymmetrical overlapping front that has buttons below the right shoulder, under the right arm and on the right thigh. Deel is usually cut as one piece and has a simple design that fits loose and is comfortable for mounting and riding on horse. A long fabric made of light flexible silk is worn with Deel as belt. Some men’s Deel have “nudarga” or a large trimming attached to the end of sleeves that can be overturned. 

There are seasonal varieties of Deel. A winter deel has a sheep skin lining. A demi-seasonal deel worn in spring and autumn has a warm padded lining. Summer deels are light and are lined with only light smooth fabric such as satin. 

Deels are embroidered with trimming along the collar and edges usually made of silk. Sometimes deels have double trimmings. Deels also differ depending on the occasion for which they are worn. A ceremonial deel is usually made of a bright color fabric and is richly decorated with trimmings made of golden or silver silk. 

Khantaaz is a traditional jacket which can similar to Deel but shorter. It is usually worn outside of Deel. Is is usually made of thick warm fabrics. Khantaaz also has beautiful decorative trimmings. 



Janjin is a men’s hat with a pointed peak, symbolizing prosperity and happiness, which rests on a dome-shaped base and is directed upward toward the sky. 

Toortsog is a round cap that is usually worn by women during a warm season. 

Lovuuz is a winter hat cut as two rectangular shapes sewn together with an opening at the back that is tied with little ribbons. It is trimmed of fox skin or other animals skin. 

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